What The Aerotropolis Means For Mulgoa

Aerotropolis. It will be a great place to land jobs.

Families in Mulgoa Sanctuary will not only have one of the best places to live but they’ll have access to a range of job opportunities as a result of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis. The Aerotropolis spans 11,200 hectares of land surrounding the new airport strategically located on the edge of Sydney and within one of the fastest-growing areas in all of Australia.

Government Plans For New Jobs

Here, the government aims to create 200,000 jobs. The new city will attract investment from major Australian and global businesses and create job opportunities for start-ups and SME’s leveraging university research and development facilities that will grow cutting-edge ideas. The precinct will encourage expansion into other industry sectors and provide access to industry networks across New South Wales.

Connecting Western Sydney With The World

Over the coming decades, people living and working in Western Sydney will benefit from easy access to strong local and international connections and a 24 hour economy centered around the new Western Sydney Airport.

Western Sydney’s population is expected to grow by another million within the next 20 years, contributing to more than half of Sydney’s overall expected population growth. $20 billion of public funding will be invested into the development of the Airport, Aerotropolis and surrounding precinct, showing the significance of the Aerotropolis and the joint commitment to build a livable, sustainable and productive place for residents, workers and businesses alike.

The Aerotropolis will be connected by a new metro rail link to the operational, 24 hour Western Sydney Airport, making it equally attractive to the residents and workers alike.

This will be a game-changer for the region, unlocking opportunities like never before. It puts residents of Mulgoa Sanctuary within easy travelling time of being part of one of Australia’s most transformational infrastructure projects…this is the place to be.