Educational Choices For Mulgoa Sanctuary

Mulgoa Sanctuary…in a class of it’s own for education choices

Living at Mulgoa Sanctuary means you’ll have a wide range of educational facilities to choose from. As well as local primary and high schools at Glenmore Park, there is Penrith Selective High and numerous private schools including the Nepean Christian School, Penrith Anglican College, Caroline Chisholm College and nearby pre-schools. There is a Western Sydney University campus in Penrith too.

Pre-School Options

Many parents will be exploring the numerous Pre-School Child Care Centres in the area. They are easy to access and have trained staff to meet the needs of growing families and working parents.

Primary School Options

The next step up the education ladder is choosing a primary school of which there are a number located within the Glenmore Park area.

The big news however, is the announcement of plans for a new state-of-the-art primary school that will be just a short distance from Mulgoa Sanctuary to the Forestwood Drive site that has been selected as the location for this brand new school. Families can look forward to the new air-conditioned school for up to 1000 students being ready in 2023. The new school will feature outstanding modern facilities that will help prepare children with the knowledge and skills they need for jobs in the future. This school is bound to become a centrepiece for students, teachers and local families for years to come.

High School Options

After primary school, you’ll find there’s an established High School at Glenmore Park too. Here, students become successful independent learners under the guidance of excellent teachers and support staff.

Maybe you’d like to look for a private or selective school?

Enquire about Nepean Christian School on Mulgoa Road, Mulgoa. It’s a non-denominational, independent Christian School where families are at the heart of the school. They believe the relationship between you and your school is pivotal to a child’s growth.
Or the Penrith Anglican College on Wentworth Rd, Orchard Hills where they have a clear focus on developing all facets of the student – focusing on spiritual, academic and social development.
Or, Caroline Chisholm College. It’s a Catholic Secondary School for girls on The Lakes Drive, Glenmore Park. It provides a quality education for girls from Year 7 to Year 12.

University Choices

Thinking of University for your children? Western Sydney Uni offers a range of study options within the arts and humanities, social sciences, cultural studies, computing, and entrepreneurial business and management. What’s more, it is NSW’s highest rated university for employer satisfaction. So when it comes to employers being happy with the graduates they’ve hired, no other university in NSW ranks as highly as Western Sydney University. If you want your children to aim for a degree to have them armed with the skills and knowledge needed to be job ready and have a thriving career, then aim for Western Sydney.

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