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Situated on the threshold of the Mulgoa Nature Reserve, on the edges of Glenmore Park, the Mulgoa Sanctuary is a masterplanned community that brings you close to nature’s embrace. Imagine a beautiful neighbourhood set just a stone’s throw away from Penrith, New South Wales—a location that features large landscaped homesites surrounded by verdant bushland sceneries. This natural setting will be forever protected from future developments, ensuring that the lovely views surrounding your home will be matched only by the luxury that thrives in your residence. If you’re looking for new land in Penrith, get in touch with Mulgoa Sanctuary.


For discerning home buyers, having a nice home near Penrith is simply not enough. A wonderful home—the ideal home—is to be found at the intersection of exquisite architectural style, delightful natural surroundings, and environmental sustainability. At the Mulgoa Santuary, these individual principles come together to form a cohesive whole, affording you a notable lifestyle that is second to none in Sydney’s greater west. Our Penrith Land options are a great choice for people that are looking for an amazing new home.

Here, you can build your dream house so that it stands comfortably apart from all the others, serving as your veritable sanctuary from the outside world. The spacious homesites range from 800 square metres to 1,200 square metres in size, with each one providing panoramic views of the bushlands nearby. Whether you’re planning to build a cozy outdoor deck or an infinity pool that overlooks the reserve, breathtaking vistas will be yours to enjoy every single day. Our new homes in Penrith will meet each of your expectations, enquire online to find out more.

Here are some of the highlights we think Penrith residents may choose Mulgoa Sanctuary:


When you choose the Mulgoa Sanctuary, you get the advantage of selecting from lots that have each been configured to become an ideal homesite for your future home near the city of Penrith. Numerous amenities are within easy reach from this exclusive community, and these include a 1.3-hectare landscaped recreational park, a playground, schools, local shops, sporting fields, and many more. Our Penrith land development options are here to help you build a better future through amazing homes.

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