Transport Options For Mulgoa Sanctuary

On the Road to Great Transport

Mulgoa Sanctuary is an estate within Glenmore Park which means you’re connected with bus routes into Penrith for trains, schools and shopping as well as the amenities around the local area. The M4 is just minutes away too.

Government Investments Into The Area

The other good news is that the State and Australian Governments are already spending billions of dollars on improving infrastructure in Western Sydney to support future traffic demand and expected growth. People living at Mulgoa Sanctuary will enjoy the benefits of the upgrades to approximately 35 kilometres of The Northern Road. There’ll be a minimum of four lanes between The Old Northern Road, Narellan and Jamison Road, South Penrith. The first stage is already open and other stages critical to the delivery of the Western Sydney Airport are expected to be completed next year.

What does it really mean for people living at Mulgoa Sanctuary?

The Northern Road Upgrade

The benefits of The Northern Road upgrade are many.

Improving travel times by:

  • Increasing the number of lanes along The Northern Road
  • Removing a set of traffic lights at the M4 Interchange
    • Improving traffic onflow onto the M4 motorway to improve your journey to the city
  • Providing additional turning lanes at some intersections
  • Allowing for reliable public transport by providing a continuous kerbside bus lane in each direction
  • Improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists by providing a new shared path
  • Improving connectivity for pedestrians by providing new footpaths
  • Improving road safety by:
    • Providing a central median to separate opposing traffic flows
    • Installing new traffic lights at two existing intersections
    • Providing separate turning lanes at some intersections
    • Improving the alignment of the road
    • Improving local access by providing an extension of Cross Road to Wentworth Road
    • Mitigating traffic noise impacts by providing two new noise barriers.

Key features of The Northern Road upgrade include:

  • Widening The Northern Road to provide four lanes in each direction (three general traffic lanes and a kerbside bus lane)
  • Building a new bridge over the M4 Motorway with the existing bridge to be removed
  • Installing new traffic lights and turning lanes at some intersections
  • Providing continuous bus lanes in each direction
  • Installing a central median
  • Providing a new shared pedestrian and cyclist path and footpaths
  • Installing new street lighting, drainage, safety barriers and landscaping
  • Installing new retaining walls
  • Installing two new noise barriers

The new M12 Motorway

The new M12 Motorway is also heading your way to provide an East-West link between the M7 and The Northern Road. Construction is due to begin next year and is expected to be completed before the new airport opens in 2026.

Further, the final stage of the Bringelly Road upgrades between Camden Valley Way and The Northern Way will be completed next year.

It all adds up to being in the right place at the right time…and there’s no better place to be in Sydney’s west than Mulgoa Sanctuary.

The Sydney Metro is on track for you

With the first line now in operation through to Rouse Hill, the Government now has its sights set on a North-South line running from St Mary’s to Badgerys Creek. The timing is the second half of the 2020’s which is actually just around the corner. Time flies.

For more information about Mulgoa Sanctuary’s homesites, please get in touch.